Eat the best pizzas Toronto has to offer, while exploring local politics and the urban landscape.


To understand our city, one pizza quest at a time.


Join Claire and Terra as we take on Toronto’s juiciest political pretext, with a side of pepperoni. We are going to visit every ward in the city, and eat their best pizza. Along the way, we will explore new neighbourhoods and try to learn what makes them thrive, and what they need from their government. Slice by slice, we will chew our way topics like child care, public art, and complete streets.
Join us by sending in your picks for the best pizzas, and voting on our Twitter polls.


Tera (left) and Claire (right) in their happy place.

Claire is working (sometimes stumbling) her way through her twenties by learning and teaching municipal political advocacy. Born and raised in Toronto, she is a Swansea girl obsessed. While her love of pizza took her to Italy in University, it was her love of politics that took her to City Hall, where she eventually became Chair of the Toronto Youth Cabinet, and fought for equity and accessibility during The Ford Administration. She took her policy geeking to the early beginnings of Women in Toronto Politics, where she now remains a member of the Steering Committee. She currently works in the non-profit sector.

You will find Claire: mentoring youth, exploring parks, riding her bike, yelling about transit planning, facilitating workshops, and snowboarding until she breaks a bone.

On Pizza:

Give me your adventurous flavour combinations, and make it spicy. Not a fan of greasy, and the sauce better be on point. Dipping sauce is for shitty pizza.


On Politics:

A growing city must modernize. We need to do this in the most progressive way possible, accounting for the environment, inequality, and the unique needs of our neighbourhoods.


Contact: claire@clairemcwatt.com @ClaireMcWatt (twitter, instagram, snapchat)


Terra is a city-girl convert, after growing up a dirt road off Lake Simcoe. She moved to Toronto for design school and stuck around ever since. A natural city explorer, between 2008 and 2016 Terra has lived in the following Toronto Neighbourhoods: Long Branch, Bloor West Village, Yonge and Eglinton, Broadview and Danforth, High Park, Mimico, and Trinity Bellwoods. You can find her reading about urbanism, debating politics, geeking out on pop culture, or taking an embarrassing amounts of snapchat videos of her cat Pyewacket. Her career focus is on digital and social media, after a brief stint in the world of Advertising, she landed in the non-profit sector. Additionally, she currently sits on the steering committee and acts as Creative Director for Women in Toronto Politics. She loves jumping onto campaigns during election season, because she is cautiously optimistic about our (flawed) democracy and is inspired by talented folks who run (but don’t always win), plus they always provide pizza to their volunteers.


On Pizza:

“I’m all about the toppings, and the cheese to dough to sauce ratio. Thin crust whenever possible, and while I’m all about the flavour adventure, a classic pepperoni feels like home. PS. Calzones are not pizza, don’t try me.”


On Politics:

“Politics can be dirty, gut-wrenching, unfair, and downright depressing. But it touches everything we care about, from the environment, to the arts, to transit, to equity. Once you get in there, you soon realize that there are talented and inspiring humans working at – or just outside – the margins to make important things happen.”


Contact: terraloire@gmail.com, @terraloire on most platforms.